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What We Do

precision. prediction. prevention.

As an advanced clinical laboratory, Genalive provides laboratory information and services needed in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

how to order tests


For Healthcare Providers, Genalive receives requests for testing based on contracts providing access to the Lab Information Management System (LIMS) to place orders.

For more information on arranging a contract, contact [email protected].

For Direct Customers, Genalive provides a separate website detailing all Tests and specially designed Packages available to purchase online. Customers can also make an appointment for sample collection. To place an order, click on the link.


Genalive is committed to sharing their knowledge of new and exciting technologies related to laboratory diagnosis.

Genalive engages directly with healthcare providers and hospitals to provide direct contact and training for physicians related to their specific testing needs as well as organizing group educational forums, customized training programs and more.

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Genetic testing is much more than the tools and techniques to produce the results.

It is an end-to-end professional activity that includes genetic counseling for patients and their families and genetic consultation supporting healthcare providers.

Research Services

Developing the Future of Genetics

Genalive aims to collaborate with academic or industry partners to support research studies or drug development efforts. This could involve providing genomic services (sequencing, genotyping, genome-wide association studies, transcriptomics and epigenomics), bioinformatics analysis and variant interpretation, or other specialized services to support research efforts.

Genalive aspires to be part of incorporating research activities into clinical practice, such as collecting data on patient outcomes, tracking the efficacy of treatments, and communicating findings with other healthcare providers to improve patient care.

Genalive will incorporate data in the development of new diagnostic tools and treatment products to enable more personalized care and better outcomes for patients.