Who We Are


Genalive was created to support one of the main pillars of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision of a vibrant society with fulfilling healthy lives.


Genalive is a strategic partnership between Arabian International Healthcare Holding Company (Tibbiyah) and BGI Group.

It is established as a unique and specialized laboratory to provide complete solutions for clients covering all aspects of laboratory testing and facilitating personalized and preventative health care towards the aim of improving the lives of people in Saudi Arabia and the whole region.


The emergence of omics technologies over recent years has revolutionized the model of healthcare delivery and disease prevention. Omics uses tools that allow us to study our genetic makeup to assess the human condition in both wellness and illness and enables PRECISION testing, leading to PREDICTION of disease, that drives PREVENTION.

Implementation of these tools and techniques requires investment in state-of-the-art technology and an experienced and dynamic team of specialists who can bridge genomic technologies and medical practice.

Genalive is empowered by one of the world’s leading life science organizations, BGI Group, providing many of the technologies, tools and methods that support Genalive’s extensive offering of genetic, routine pathology, and specialized testing services.

With our BGI partners, Genalive is committed to enabling and accelerating scientific innovation, strengthening the prevention and control of genetic diseases, and empowering health professionals with advanced diagnostic tools. Utilizing cutting-edge sequencing and powerful bioinformatics tools, we can provide our customers with affordable genetics testing and support them in making informed decisions about their health, improving the lives of people in the community.

Genalive employs its resources and capabilities to: 

Localize genetic testing, which contributes to reducing the Kingdom’s expenditure on healthcare and send-out services.

Introduce BGI's mature technology and capacity to empower Saudi Arabia's medical infrastructure.

Support the implementation of the health transformation program objectives by strengthening disease prevention through controlling genetic diseases, and types of cancer, improving efficiency of diagnosis of infectious diseases, and promoting the development of precision medicine.

Promote data security and prevent data leakage to outsourcing vendors.

Improve quality of laboratory services provided in Saudi Arabia.