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What is Bioinformatics?


Bioinformatics can assist medical personnel in making educated judgments regarding a patient's diagnosis, course of treatment, and prognosis.

In order to process and analyze massive amounts of biological data, the multidisciplinary area of bioinformatics combines computer technology, statistics, mathematics, and biology. The generation of genetic data has dramatically grown with the development of genomic technology. The analysis and interpretation of this data, which is greatly aided by bioinformatics, reveals key insights into the underlying genetics of disease.

Bioinformatics is utilized in the context of genetic testing to analyze and interpret the genetic information gleaned from a patient's DNA sample. Finding genetic variants and mutations that could be linked to disease or other medical issues is a crucial part of this process.

Why is it important to have our own data center?

Genalive ensures complete privacy and security of all patient data. We do this through our own state-of-art local data center, located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Our sophisticated data center is the largest data center in Saudi Arabia that is utilized only for bioinformatics and computational biology purposes. The servers and high-performance computers are designed specifically to process, analyze and store genomic data with high storage capacity and computational power.


By examining the molecular pathways involved in disease and discovering possible pharmacological targets, bioinformatics is crucial in identifying new targets for drug development. As a result, personalized medicine has emerged, in which a patient's genetic profile can be considered while developing a treatment plan.

At Genalive, we analyze genetic data using cutting-edge bioinformatics tools and methods to get precise and trustworthy results. Our bioinformaticians excel in managing vast amounts of data and deciphering intricate genomic information. using a cutting-edge data center with the ability to store thousands of genome data.

Bioinformatic (Dry Lab) Services offered at Genalive.

Bioinformatics is utilized to create reports related to the raw data generated through clinical whole exome sequencing (cWES) and clinical whole genome sequencing (cWGS) offered at Genalive.

Bioinformatics at Genalive may also be utilized to analyze data generated through sequencing at other laboratories.

Genetic sequencing is an ever-growing science with new information published constantly. Genalive offers re-analysis and re-interpretation services of previously analyzed data to constantly update inconclusive results with the latest science and research findings.

Bioinformatics is a valuable tool for research. Genalive can tailor bioinformatics solutions to meet researcher requirements.

Genalive Data Center

Genalive data center is a computing and storage cluster designed to host and process genomics data. The entire data center is equipped with 16 computing server nodes, 1.5 PB of tier 1 storage and 2.5 PB * 2 of tier 2 storage. Using cutting-edge technology for compressing genomics data and high-performance computing clusters, it can analyze and store up to 15000 WGS data (double backup, 30X, FastQ and VCF) per year.

At the moment, it is the largest genomics data center of KSA, and can provide the capacity to support national genome projects in the future.


Hardware Equipment

Huawei, PaloAlto, X Fusion


Power Guarantee

15-minute UPS support, diesel generator power supply


Air Condition System

Cold channel air conditioning system Temperature: 22 ± 2 °C. Relative humidity: 50% ± 10%



2 people, 5 * 8 operation and maintenance, all equipment is gold medal maintenance, 4- hour on-site maintenance



7 * 24 security patrol, 7 * 24 monitoring, 7 * 24 hotline