Why Us


Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Omics Technologies, Global Partnerships, and Advanced Genetic Services.

Promoting and preventing health risks supports one of the main pillars of the Kingdom’s vision for a vibrant society.

Genalive stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation, redefining the landscape of diagnostic services and wellness solutions. Genalive aspires to provide a world-class model of advanced diagnostic and trans-omics laboratory services excelling in data innovation, quality, efficiency, accuracy, and reliability that positively impact the community. Uniquely positioned to lead the way, we bring unmatched expertise and a comprehensive approach to well-being

  • Localized in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with a total area of 4000 m2 , Genalive is one of the largest molecular and sequencing laboratories in KSA providing services to individuals, health care professionals, and research institutions offering extensive services that cater to diverse needs.

  • Genalive is powered by BGI, a global life science leader, and Tibbiyah, a healthcare solutions leader in the Kingdom. BGI is globally recognized for its multi-omics expertise, delivering rapid, high-quality results through cost-effective, cutting-edge technologies and profound data analysis capabilities. As the world's top provider of genomic sequencing and proteomic services, BGI serves clients across 100+ countries in academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare providers, spanning various applications from basic research to clinical studies, drug discovery and development, as well as conservation efforts across diverse species.

  • Genalive harnesses cutting-edge Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies, particularly the advanced MGI high-throughput platforms, for sample processing, automation, and sequencing. This technological advancement not only opens new windows into an individual's molecular makeup but also enables Genalive to deliver rapid and precise genetic testing, empowering informed and educated health decisions.

  • Genalive maintains a holistic view of the individual’s health by taking a preventive approach rather than a solely curative one, distinguishing itself by being the first private laboratory in Saudi Arabia to provide a comprehensive menu of specialized diagnostic solutions. This initiative transfers the power of cutting-edge technologies and disease detection research to enhance the well-being of Saudi citizens and residents.

  • Genalive leverages cutting-edge genomic technologies, advanced bioinformatics, and a state-of-the-art local data center to transform data and research discoveries into actionable insights. Our renowned IT and BI capabilities prioritize patient data security while ensuring accurate detection of population-specific variants. Our pipelines are fortified by curated published and in-house databases, and we harness machine learning for enhanced result accuracy and reliability.

what is bioinformatics

In order to process and analyze massive amounts of biological data, the multidisciplinary area of bioinformatics combines computer technology, statistics, mathematics,and biology.

The generation of genetic data has dramatically grown with the development of genomic technology. The analysis and interpretation of this data, which is greatly aided by bioinformatics, reveals key insights into the underlying genetics of disease.

Bioinformatics is utilized in the context of genetic testing to analyze and interpret the genetic information gleaned from a patient's DNA sample. Finding genetic variants and mutations that could be linked to disease or other medical issues is a crucial part of this process.