Reproductive Genetics

Prenatal Genetic Testing

Group 30598

Prenatal testing for genetic disorders is an invasive procedure that is performed during pregnancy

This test is done through either Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) at 9-14 weeks or Amniocentesis at 14-16 weeks.

The test will help to identify a chromosome abnormality or any other genetic disease in the fetus.

Why Choose Genalive Prenatal testing?

Prenatal Detection tests at Genalive can reveal a wide range of genetic diseases.

Early detection of genetic disorders and chromosomal abnormalities

Could prevent having abnormal baby with a known genetic disease

Provides confirmation for a pregnant woman who is having a baby where the fetus underwent PGT-M testing.


Group (12)


Detects many genetic diseases and chromosomal abnormalities

Group 30586


>97 % Depending on the mutation type

Indication for Testing

Family history of genetic disease.

Abnormal fetal structure identified with ultrasound.

Confirmation for a pregnant woman who is having a baby where the fetus underwent PGT-M testing.

Positive results from a prenatal screening test.


Turnaround times for specific tests vary as per the table below. TATs are calculated from the time the sample is received and accepted at the laboratory.

Genalive offers the following Prenatal Genetic tests:

Product Name Product Code TAT
Prenatal Genetic Testing for Known Mutation (Sanger+MCC) SDX3301 20 days
Prenatal Genetic Testing for Unknown Mutation (BGI-Xome™ cWES) Trio SDX3302 10-15 days

Trio – Indicates that three samples need to be tested – mother, father, and fetus.

Genalive Genetic Counselors are available to Healthcare providers to help navigate which test is best for their patient