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Cancer + Discovery Panel

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Technological advances combined with an improved understanding of the genetic basis of cancer has revolutionized the way cancer can be managed.

Cancer + Discovery Panel

“ Gain insight into clinically actionable mutations and discover new treatment targets with one of the market’s most comprehensive and affordable panels ”

Utilizing a patient’s particular genomic profile, clinicians can now assess the risk of hereditary cancer for the patient and the patient’s family and can also tailor the best treatment options.

BGI’s SENTIS™ Cancer+Discovery provides clinicians with one of the market’s most comprehensive and accurate Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) based testing solution for the identification of clinically actionable mutations and the discovery of novel variants with important functions in cancer. The panel offers whole exome coverage of 689 cancer-related genes and interrogates the most common types of alterations, including SNVs, indels, CNVs and fusions in solid tumors.

Who is suitable for the test?

For a patient who is diagnosed with cancer and needs molecular profiling to guide treatment decisions and clinical management options.


Group (12)


• Whole exome coverage of 689 cancer-related genes, supporting most common types of genomic alterations including base substitutions, InDel, CNV, fusion, Tumor Mutation Burden (TMB) and Microsatellite Instability Screening (MSI) • Includes genes associated with both sporadic and hereditary cancers • Provides interpretation on the therapeutic relevance in 200+ drugs, including 260 targeted therapies (both approved and currently in clinical trials), 11 immunotherapies and 11 commonly used chemotherapies • Includes 426 genes in cancer-related pathways for discovery of novel pathogenic variants

Group (13)


Provides interpretation of medication guidance, including 11 immunotherapies, 260 targeted therapies, and 11 commonly used chemotherapies

Indications for Testing

689 Genes

182 Drug Target Genes

63 Hereditary Cancer Genes

426 Pathway Related Genes

Sample Requirements

SENTIS™ Cancer+Discovery (Tissue)

>60mg tissue or

15 FFPE 10mm*10mm (5-10µm) sections or

≥3 samplings of biopsy or

≥3µg good quality, tumor DNA or

Plus 5mL of peripheral blood

BGI SENTIS™ Cancer+Discovery (ctDNA)

≥10mL of peripheral blood (separated plasma and formed elements)

≥8mL of peripheral blood collected in Streck CellFree DNA BCT® tube


Turnaround times for specific tests vary as per the table below. TATs are calculated from the time the sample is received and accepted at the laboratory.

Genalive offers the following Cancer + Discovery Panels:

Product Name Product Code TAT
Sentis™ Pan-Cancer Companion Diagnostic (Tissue, 689 genes) SDX2008 10 days
Sentis™ Pan-Cancer Companion Diagnostic (ctDNA) ** SDX2009 TBD

** Coming Soon

Genalive Genetic Counselors are available to Healthcare providers to help navigate which test is best for their patient.